Who We Are

Digitalink Communications, LLC was established in 2009. Our executive management team has combined market experience of over 50 years. Each member of team has a unique business background that adds diversity to Digitalink's business development and execution processes.

The company's primary focus is to maintain the personal and professional relationships of all agents while developing teamwork, integrity, core values and accountability in all phases of daily operations.

Direct sales company

Our Approach

Digitalink is a nationally recognized outsource sales and marketing firm. Traditional forms of marketing such as TV and radio ads or direct mail simply do not generate the results like the one-on-one approach offered by our firm.

We utilize only the best of the best marketing agents. Through courtesy, professionalism and smartly crafted product-specific presentations, our team creates a lasting impression. Our approach ensures branding, exposure and results, in turn creating a growing revenue stream for not only our clients but our agent representatives as well.

Our Mission

Here at Digitalink, we believe that any successful plan has three stages:

Conception, Implementation, and Execution

Our continued loyalty to our agents as well as our clients ensures continued growth, development and advancement opportunities for all of our associates. Our goal is to become the premiere sales firm in the country; working with established companies and representing them to the best of our abilities.

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